AMORC Unmasked

 by Occult Whistleblower, Pierre S. Freeman

For 24 years, Pierre S. Freeman was a prisoner. A prisoner to fear and brainwashing, all propagated
through the monographs and teachings of the secretive Rosicrucian Order known as AMORC.

After freeing himself from the cult’s influences through a singular force of will, Freeman has spent the best part of the last decade working tirelessly to lay bare the indoctrination techniques of AMORC.

From the publishing of his first book, “The Prisoner of San Jose” -- a personal account of Freeman’s harrowing transformation from promising engineering student in Haiti, to a desperate, destitute cult member in America – and through to more recent works such as “Tales of the Puppet Master”, Freeman has provided an unfiltered look into the frightening synergy of sleek marketing techniques, hypnosis, and mind control that AMORC has used to convert naive truth seekers towards their morally bankrupt cause.

With 7 published books to his name and countless further publications on his website and Facebook page, Freeman’s work is driven by one overriding goal: to reach those naive spiritual seekers that refuse to be swayed by warnings and intuition, that choose to continue in their pursuit and study of AMORC’s monographs. Freeman’s work provides these seekers with an explicit, step-by-step guide that references real monographs to expose the cynical methods used by the Rosicrucian order to brainwash naive minds.

Freeman’s keen awareness of the intersection between spiritual truth and exploitative doctrine has been gained through long years of soul searching and study.

Bill Krohn, a renowned film historian, and critic for the prestigious Cahiers Du Cinema, best describes Freeman’s approach to unearthing the secret allure of cults such as AMORC.

"For seekers and prisoners alike -- and aren't we all a little of both... Pierre Freeman sifts out the grains of truth while exposing the falsity of what are essentially techniques of self-hypnosis, and the culture of unfreedom that they make possible: something he understands well because he was its prisoner for almost a quarter of a century."

For followers and skeptics of Rosicrucian monographs alike, Freeman’s minute understanding of theology, mass media, and psychology, allied with his years of tutelage under AMORC’s system, helps provide fascinating new insight into the mind control techniques of the Rosae-Crucis.


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