Vital Energy--Extract from "AMORC Demystified via Seventh Degree"by Pierre S. Freeman
THE PHYSICAL AURA-- THE PSYCHIC AURA-- THE SPIRITUAL AURA --Extract from "AMORC Demystified via Seventh Degree"by Pierre S. Freeman
1-Extract from "AMORC Demystified via Seventh Degree"-- A Guide To Telepathic Mind Control by Pierre S. Freeman
The Prisoner of San Jose: How I Escaped from Rosicrucian Mind Control
Tales of the Puppet Master: Emperor (Imperator) Speaks
AMORC’S First Temple Degree Initiation ILLUSTRATED The Full Version With Commentary Part 1 (Initiation AMORC)
AMORC Origin Stories: Every Superhero Needs An Origin Story. But Do They Really Need More Than One? Do We Dare to Question the Imperator?J
Daring To Speak Of Darkness: An occult Whistleblower reviews the written works of the brave anti-cult freedom fighters and analysis the books of the great exit counselors
Mind Slaves of the Rosikrucian Collectorum Part 1 Mayhem on the Astral Highway Illustrated
Les esclaves spirituels du Collectorum rosikrucien Ière partie Pagaille sur l’autoroute astrale Illustré (French Edition)